December Life Events

It has been far too long — three months!! — since I posted to this blog! It certainly is not due to a drop in interest in family history. I have been very busy and have so much to share, if I can only discipline myself to stop the research long enough to blog about it.

A New York cousin sends out a calendar each month which contains the life events of his ancestors. Taking inspiration from this, I plan to make a monthly post listing life events of our ancestors.


  • Dorcas Amidon Rice (5th great grandmother)
    10 Dec 1769 in Oxford, MA
  • Daniel Gould (9th great grandfather)
    11 Dec 1681 in Massachusetts
  • Amelia Beach Irvine (great great grandmother)
    12 Dec 1846 in Fort Erie, Niagara, Ontario, Canada
  • John Thomas “Jack” Irvine (grandfather)
    17 Dec 1915 in Hazel Hurst, PA
  • Sarah Parks Bond (5th great grandmother)
    17 Dec 1765 in Lincoln, MA
  • Maria Smith Shumway (8th great grandmother)
    18 Dec 1677 in Boxford, MA
  • William Bond (6th great grandfather)
    20 Dec 1738 in Weston, MA
  • Harriet Wheeler Tidd (3rd great grandfather)
    20 Dec 1820 in Stoneham, MA
  • Thomas Bond (8th great grandfather)
    22 Dec 1655 in Watertown, MA


  • James Willy and Hannah Brown (6th great grandparents)
    4 Dec 1767 in Stoneham, MA
  • Abraham Rice and Susannah Wilder (6th great grandparents)
    18 Dec 1747 in Bolton, MA
  • John Poland and Lydia Orsment (6th great grandparents)
    19 Dec 1773 in Manchester, MA
  • Timothy Wilcoxson and Johanna Birdseye (9th great grandparents)
    28 Dec 1664 in Stratford, CT
  • John Hoover and Elizabeth Plummer (3rd great grandparents)
    28 Dec 1846 in Pennsylvania
  • Samuel Thompson and Ruth Wright (7th great grandparents)
    31 Dec 1730 in Woburn, MA


  • Sarah Grover Gould (9th great grandmother)
    4 Dec 1745 in Stoneham, MA
  • William Bond (9th great grandfather)
    14 Dec 1695 in Watertown, MA
  • John N. Rice (3rd great grandfather)
    14 Dec 1856 in Methuen, MA
  • Thomas Bond (8th great grandfather)
    17 Dec 1704 in Watertown, MA
  • William Fifield (9th great grandfather)
    18 Dec 1700 in New Hampshire
  • Martha Rebecca Bancroft Rice (3rd great grandmother)
    19 Dec 1918 in Stoneham, MA
  • Hannah Allen Ayers (10th great grandmother)
    22 Dec 1729 in Haverhill, MA
  • John Benjamin (9th great grandfather)
    22 Dec 1706 in Watertown, MA
  • Harriet Wheeler Tidd (3rd great grandmother)
    23 Dec 1863 in Woburn, MA
  • George Beach Irvine (great grandfather)
    24 Dec 1955 in Saranac Lake, NY
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One Response to December Life Events

  1. Richard Kidder says:

    Beth, I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Great New Year!
    It’s always a pleasure to read your blog!


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