Favorite Photo

When it comes to old family photos, some images stick in my mind. This one especially amuses me because it captures an honest family moment so beautifully.

Feister family photo
At the far right in the photo is my grandmother, Delia Jane Feister Irvine (1918-1982). She was about 12 years old here and it appears she had been off getting into mischief before being dragged before the camera. Her legs are scraped, her dress is dirty and hanging off her shoulder, and a playful smile lights her face. Knowing some of the ups and downs which would mark her life in the years to come, seeing her here — just a carefree kid — makes me smile inside and out.

Standing beside my grandmother is her sister, Valeta Feister Mosman, looking rather bored with things. Older sister, Harriet (“Hattie”) Feister Mosman, stands behind reaching to take her daughter, Vivian, from my great-grandmother, Laura Tidd Feister. Hattie’s son, William (Bill) Mosman, is next to Valeta.

I guess the photo to have been taken in 1930, judging by the apparent ages of the children in the photo. The location was probably behind the Feister home in Olean, NY.

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