Revolutionary War Patriots

blue300sm For this post, I decided to update my list of Revolutionary War patriots, and verify each one in the DAR Genealogical Research System (GRS).

I researched all family lines on both my paternal and maternal sides, as far as I was able, looking for men who were alive during Revolutionary War. I uncovered the service of six men in the DAR Patriots Database of which I was not aware. Along the way, I was also able to correct some errors in my research, and the research of others, which is always a good thing.

Below is a list of men who either fought for the cause of freedom or provided patriotic service. I am a direct descendant of them all. There are 11 in my maternal line and 16 in my paternal line. Links are provided for those for whom I’ve created posts here on my blog. It looks like I have many, many more stories to tell!

  • Bacheller/Batchelder, John (1745-1817) Massachusetts. Assessor and Selectman. DAR Ancestor #: A007340 [maternal line]
  • Beach, Caleb (1732-1781) Massachusetts. Member of the Committee of Correspondence. DAR Ancestor #: A007724 [maternal line]
  • Beach, Moses Tyler (1762-1850) Massachusetts. Corporal in companies of Capts Asa Barns, Amariah Babbit & Simonds. DAR Ancestor #: A007776 [maternal line]
  • Bond, William Jr (1760-1851) Massachusetts. Private, Capt Nathan Fuller’s company, Lt Col Wm Bond’s 37th regiment, MA Continental Troops. Received a pension. DAR Ancestor #: A011932 [maternal line]
  • Bryant, Joseph (1729-1810) Massachusetts. Major in Cols Thatcher & Bullard regiments. DAR Ancestor #: A016334 [maternal line]
  • Chaffee, Amos (1744-1815) Massachusetts. Private in Capt. Daniel Cadwell’s Co., Col. Timothy Robinson’s Regiment of the Massachusetts Militia. DAR Ancestor #: A026507 [paternal line]
  • Chaffee, Ezra (1742-1815) Connecticut. Captain under Brig. Gen. Fletcher, Athens Militia, 1782. DAR Ancestor #: A026520 [paternal line]
  • Chamberlain, Jedediah (1737-1810) New Hampshire. Signed Association Test and served as Surveyor of Roads. DAR Ancestor #: A064839 [paternal line]
  • Conant, Joshua (1750-1777) New Hampshire. Private in Capt Reynold’s company. Signer of the Association Test. Died at Battle of Bennington. DAR Ancestor #: A024826 [maternal line]
  • Cummings, Reuben (1757-1808) Massachusetts & New Hampshire. Private in Capt. Haskell’s Co., Col. Trescott’s Regiment, 1776. Signed Association Test. DAR Ancestor #: A005968 [paternal line]
  • Ely, Levi (1732-1780) Massachusetts. Captain in Cols. Moseley & Brown Regiments. DAR Ancestor #: A038251 [paternal line]
  • Harris, Asa (1737-1817) Massachusetts. Private in Capt. Peter Porter’s Co., Col. John Brown’s Regiment. DAR Ancestor #: A051527 [paternal line]
  • Hodgkins, Thomas Jr. (1756-1835) Connecticut. Lieutenant and Clerk, Capts. Hand & Abbee Co., Cols. Talcott & Wyllys Regiment. DAR Ancestor #: A056268 [paternal line]
  • Hubbard, Elisha (1752-1834) Vermont. Corporal in Lt. Moses Johnson’s Co., Col. William Williams’ Regiment. DAR Ancestor #: A059221 [paternal line]
  • Johnson, Moses (1738-1803) New Hampshire. Private in Capts. Mellin & Twitchell Co., Col. Hale’s Regiment. Signed the Association Test. DAR Ancestor #: A206909 [paternal line]
  • Marsh, Joel (1745-1807) Vermont. Private in Capt Daniel Gilbert’s Company, 1780. DAR Ancestor #: A0741797 [paternal line]
  • Martin, George Jr. (1742-1827) Connecticut. Private in Capt. Brown’s Co., Col. John Durkee’s Regiment. DAR Ancestor #: A074202 [paternal line]
  • Miller, Jacob (1756-1824) Massachusetts. Patriotic service as highway surveyor, 1780. DAR Ancestor #: A203103 [paternal line]
  • Moore, Abijah (1724-1792) Vermont. Captain in Cumberland Co. Militia, 1775-1776, in Col. William Williams’ Regiment. DAR Ancestor #: A079223 [paternal line]
  • Norton, John (1756-1835) Massachusetts. Sergeant, Capts Doolittle, Sparhawk & Smith. Served from 1775-1783. Received a pension. DAR Ancestor #: A084801 [maternal line]
  • Park, David (1724-1790) Massachusetts. Surveyor, 1775-1776 ; Constable, 1777. DAR Ancestor #: A087050 [maternal line]
  • Stanley, John (1750-1806) Vermont. Private in Capts. Bigelow Lawrence & Cyprian Downer Co., Col. Walbridge Regiment. DAR Ancestor #: A108498 [paternal line]
  • Stearns, Asa (1758-1852) Massachusetts & New Hampshire. Private in Capt. Josiah Fay’s Co., Col. Ward’s Regiment. DAR Ancestor #: A109274 [paternal line]
  • Thompson, Abijah (1739-1811) Massachusetts. Master armorer & clerk in Capt Belknap’s company. DAR Ancestor #: A113798 [maternal line]
  • Tidd, Jonathan, Jr (1757-1842) Massachusetts. Private in Capt Walker’s company, Col David Green’s regiment. Received a pension. DAR Ancestor #: A115341 [maternal line]
  • Tidd, Jonathan, Sr (1724-1785) Massachusetts. Lieutenant in Capt Walker’s company, Col David Green’s regiment. DAR Ancestor #: A115340 [maternal line]
  • Whitney, Silas (1737-1813) Vermont. Private, Capts. Salisbury & Spafford Co., Col. Allen’s Regiment. DAR Ancestor #: A125393 [paternal line]

There are several men on both sides of my family for whom I have found evidence of patriotic service, but they have not yet been “proved” for inclusion in the DAR Patriots Database. That is something I would have to do by submitting application papers providing proof of their service and tracing the lineage. In some cases, it will be very easy to prove them. But my privateer sailor, James Oliver, is going to require a lot of work and luck!

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